Haveil Havalim #280 is Live

It's nice to see Soccer Dad (who is the culprit who started it all) back as host of his brainchild, Haveil Havalim, the Jewish Blog Carnival.

We are up to #280, and it is up and running at Soccer Dad's own blog, so go have a good read, while drinking your limonana.


*Limonana: Israeli lemonade with mint (nana) leaves


Batya said…
That does look yummy, recipe to kcc?
Lady-Light said…
Batya: (oy oy oy, al chet she-chatati lefanayich...!)
The reason I keep forgetting to link to KCC is because I often miss it in my inbox.
I will search for it and link to it, and find a good recipe for limonana.
All for you, Batya, all for you!

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