Gazan: "Get me Out of Here!"

Want to buy a new 2010 model Chevy in Gaza? You'll have to pay $45,000, twice what they cost in Egypt.  Cars were on the banned list because of the Egyptian/Israeli blockade of goods, until now: Israel is now allowing cars in.  But wouldn't you know it? Hamas and Fatah can't agree on who's in charge of the car import business.  So meanwhile, while they're squabbling, the cars are being smuggled in through those secret tunnels.

What I find significant, is something you might miss, if you're not paying attention: listen carefully, especially at around .30-45.  That Sky News reporter could have had himself a free Chevy, if he had gotten the dealer out of Gaza.

Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. . . in Hamastan (bet he'd like to move to Israel, though).


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