Sunday Activities

(nablopomo day 11)

What did we do today? Oh, yes: we went to a nine-year old's birthday party.  The nine-year old is the son of the daughter of a very old friend.  My friend, who now has Parkinson's Disease and other ailments, and although she can walk with difficulty, needs to be in a wheelchair most of the time. It was good to see old friends, but difficult to see and understand the deterioration.  Her husband, also a close friend, passed away years ago.  I find that I am very aware these days of the passage of time.  My children are grown and getting older, my grandchildren aren't babies anymore (well, the ones here, at least), and I fear that rheumatoid arthritis is at my door, or rather. my hands and knees. 

All enjoyed the party, and the pizza and the cakes, and the raw vegies and dip.  I enjoyed the...vegies...(nothing  kosher).  Then we went to a friend of my eldest, and spent hours there, the kids swimmimg in their pool and playing, and we watching the World Cup and talking.  Again I had vegies (same reason), with kosher dressing, and I had bought myself a bagel and cream cheese and pomegranate juice, so I had that, too.
It was good to see my daughter's friends again: they are good people, each with a special needs child, who learned to live well and happily through their trials.

In the evening we met my daughter's father-in-law for dinner at an Israeli restaurant.  I had shawarma, which I hadn't in a long time.

I am now waiting to get picked up by another old friend of mine since we had our first children, many years ago.  Packing it all in, to fill me up enough to last a year, or. . .


Youth and age, energy and infirmity. Swimming pools and wheelchairs. You've managed to capture these opposing forces in one post.

I too am becoming more aware of how time flies. I guess age does that to you.
It's good to see you are celebrating the moment - it's really the only power we have over Time.
Lady-Light said…
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Lady-Light said…
Shira: What a wonderful way to express it: "celebrating the moment is the only power we have over time."
That's ok--I celebrated to the point of blisters and utter exhaustion today (Monday)!

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