Received a Gift: an Unexpected Visit to Family!

(nabloppmo day 9)

I am writing this post erev Shabbat* from sunny south_______, where I am (suddenly!) here visiting two of my kids, my son-in-law, and three of my grandkids.  This is a last-minute gift from someone (thank you, D.!) who has a heart of gold.  So on 3 days notice I packed, called old friends to see if we can get together, and--arrived today, around 4:00 p.m. local time.  It is a very, very short visit: five full days, two half-days of travel.  Better a short visit, than no visit, I say.  I will get to see my mom-in-law whom I haven't seen in at least a year and who is approaching her 89th birthday (ad me'ah ve-esrim shanah*), and although these two daughters came with the grandkids for Pesach*, I was pretty sick then with a bout of bronchitis, didn't go with them to the mountains on their sledding trip on chol ha-mo'ed*, and didn't have much energy for anything (let alone "making Pesach," which my husband did almost entirely by himself. Suffice it to say it was a tough chag.)

It was so exciting to see the little grandkids (my oldest is just ten, the youngest, five) when we picked them up at camp.  They were so excited to see me, their faces lit up.  But I didn't cry.  I really didn't!  Am changing the way I view life; I need to emphasize joy and happness.  That's what they need to see from their Savta*, too.

I'll tell you when I have trouble keeping from crying (-from happiness, I mean); when I watch and listen to my middle daughter (Toodles), playing her guitar which we bought her when she visited.from Israel where she was in college, two years ago, and singing her own songs, which she composed herself.  She is so talented, and they (the songs) are excellent--and she also taught herself to play guitar.  Thank G-d, she is successful at everything she touches, and kind and respectful, to boot.
When I look at her, and listen to her, see her accomplishments, and know her character--that's when I have trouble composing myself.

G-d has blessed me with five special, wonderful children.  Each has her (and his) own specialty at which each excels: inventor and entrepreneur (and fantastic eema), talented drummer, singer & computer tech (and fantastic abba), hi-level para-military and talented with a beautiful voice (and fantastic abba), talented graphic artist, web-designer, dynamic marketing person who also sings, plays guitar and composes her own songs (not married yet--but she will be a fantastic eema, G-d willing!), and outstanding team leader and combat commander, who also is talented in drama and voice (her dream: to act and sing on Broadway!).

Most important of all, they all have very good midot* and character.  They really are loving, kind and exhibit kibud av va-em* (even grudgingly...).  Thank you, Hashem, for these crazy kids.  I love them all (the tears are gettin' old...).

Shabbat shalom, y'all.

*erev Shabbat: the eve of the Shabbat (Friday night)
*ad me'ah ve-esrim shanah: Hebrew expression:"['may she live'] to 120 years"
*Pesach: Passover
*chol ha-mo'ed: the intermediate days of Passover
*Savta: Aramaic for "grandma"
*good midot: good qualities, character traits
*kibud av va-em: honoring father and mother, a mitzvah from the Torah


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