The Power of G-d - in Our Hands on Tisha b'Av

(nablopomo day 19)

The lesson of Tisha b'Av (the 9th of Av) which starts tonight, applies to us today, in our times: the power is with us, and us alone--to be strong, to fight for and thus create a better future for ourselves as a nation of Jews in our ancient/new land, the State of Israel.  The power of Hashem is in our hands.  We just have to believe in ourselves, and act on that belief.

 Some say that we should just 'get over' this bit about mourning the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash for two thousand years, and 'move on.' I disagree: we should continue to remember, and to mourn--but that is not where it should end.  We should not merely be 'ghetto Jews' and cry about our fate, but get up and fight, and do something about it to change it. 

Let's actively work to get the Temple Mount back into it's rightful hands: ours.  This is long overdue, from the time we took Jerusalem back in the Six-Day War of 1967. At that time we could also have taken back the Temple Mount--after all, we defeated the Arabs in their attempt to crush the Jewish State, and they had controlled the area since 1948, and had not allowed any Jews into the Old City nor the Temple Mount area

But we didn't, because some of those who won the war, didn't believe.  They didn't see the need for the Jews to have access to their ancient Holy ground.  So they turned over the 'keys' to the area to the Wakf.  And look where it has gotten us.

So we need to get up and begin to take back what it rightfully ours  I truly believe that is when, and that is only when--Hashem will come to our aid, and will enable all of Jerusalem, including Har HaMoriyah, to be back in our hands.

(Thank you to Arlene Kushner for the link to this AISH video.)


Sharon Frank said…
I was told by a four year old today and I think it is a good lesson for everyone " The Temple was destroyed because people where not listening to their mommies and daddies!"
So kids listen to your parents!
Lady-Light said…
Sharon: GREAT answer! Thank you for that teacher's insight.

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