"Only Israel. . ."

 (nablopomo day 16)

After that value-debased video and parody which I previously posted, I am returning to good, Jewish values.  This video below is not so new (I had seen it previously on a blog, don't remember which one, or I would have linked it), but it expresses, in a civilized, dignified manner, what is wrong with the world's attitude towards Israel.  It also expresses Israel's goodness, which can be attributed to the high morals and ethics of Judaism as taught us in the Torah, written and oral, which even if unbeknownst to them, have also been embraced by so-called 'secular' Jews.
I want you to understand something.  There are unfortunately, many corrupt Jews, some even outwardly "religious."  I do not, nor would anyone with intelligence call these driminals "religious."
In my book, they have missed the whole point of piety, and whatever religion they "practice" is just that: an outward show of religiosity, for mar'eet ayin.*  It is, as far as I'm concerned, meaningless drivel.
So watch this, and have a wonderful, meaningful Shabbat.

Shabbat Shalom!

*mar'eet ayin: מראית עין in Hebrew, meaning 'for the sake of appearance,' or 'for a false impression.'


Isha Shiri said…
- Yedida Freilich play piano very well and the lyrics by Gabby & Yuval tell truths.

I have the video on my page in favorites: http://www.youtube.com/user/IshaShiri

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