Obsession with Israel: A Psychologist's Dream

 (nablopomo day 29)

How often have I written about this phenomenon? Too often. The phenomenon that Israel is always to blame for something.  Anything it does is subject to critism, blame or a negative outcry: *Operation Oferet Yetzuka in Gaza was condemned by much of the world and a report on the war was later created by Judge Richard Goldstone and his "fact-finding" U. N. Commission, painting a very negative picture of Israel's alleged 'crimes against humanity' in the war, which were for the most part, proven false.

Recently at the end of May, there was the incident with the Turkish "Gaza Aid Flotilla."  Israel was severely condemned by most of the world at that time for killing nine people on the ship Mavi Marmara, after being attacked while boarding it.  Did you hear much that month about hundreds of people being murdered in Darfur, perhaps? I don't remember reading about that.

Everything, including retaliation against terrorist attacks and suicide bombings, are deemed "disproportionate."  Hey, let's just go back to the very creation of the state: according to the Arabs, it is "The Naqba," or 'the catastrophe.'

No other country is according the intense negative attention as is Israel.  Why do you think that is the case? Is it because Israel threatens to annihilate other countries? Is it because Israel is attempting to take over the world? Could it be because Israel committed terrorist atrocities such as (-to name just a few) the hijacking of TWA 847 on June 14th--Flag Day--in 1985? How about the U.S.S. Cole bombing in 2000? Disintegrating the World Trade Center Towers and almost 3,000 people in  9/11? (Nope. That was the Muslims.)

Or could it be because, the entire world hates Israel, which is really a substitution for hating. . . The Jews.  Gosh, what an awful people we must be, to be hated like that! I mean, we must have been barbaric and cutthroat for centuries, subjugating and committing "honor-killings" against women, imposing authoritarian regimes on our populations and leaving severed limbs and beheadings in our wake.  -Oh wait, that's the Muslims, too.
Then, what is the reason for all this hatred of the Jews?  Figure it out.  It's the Antisemitism, stupid: a psychologist's dream case-study, of a world's projection of repressed, unacceptable or threatening feelings onto someone else. Almost the entire world is blaming The Other--in this case the Jews, and Israel--for its own poor self-image and self-failure.

Maybe Israel should change its name to. . . Norway

*Operation Oferet Yetzuka: Hebrew code name for Operation Cast Lead, Israel's war in Gaza, winter 2008-2009, in retaliation for thousands of Kassam rockets being launched into southern Israeli towns.


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