Monday Activities (Second verse, same as the first)

(nablopomo day 12)

I should have said, 'second verse, same as the first, only MORE so!'  Today, my grandson took a day off from day camp at the Y, to go with his Savta to an extraordinary place called Wannado City. After training as a fireman, riding in a fire engine and putting out a building on fire with real water (it's amazing; that building fire was put out again and again, and it kept catching fire over and over again), my grandson re-trained in a new career and learned how to prevent ticks and fleas on dogs and cats.

The veterinary training culminated in an 'operation' where my grandson held the endoscope which explored a very sick 'doggie's' tummy to find the key that he swallowed.  I swear I thought that dog was real at first (his 'chest' rose and fell in breathing motion); poor thing didn't know kids from 2-13 were working on him with their grubby hands...

Last but not least, he decided to be a dentist, and 'trained' for that, too.  He brushed a giant model of uppers and lowers with a toothbrush sized to match.  After reading "X-Rays," he and all the other kid trainees there answered various questions on what they saw in the individual patients' X-Rays.

In between all this we rode the 'bus' and paid for a bus pass, had lunch (which we had brought from home) at the food court, and before we left, opened an 'account' in the bank there and deposited all my grandson's salaries from his various jobs.  We spent about four hours at that place, and didn't see half of it.

Now, he needs to get back there with his mommy or his aunt and train to be something else--he's got lots of wonga dollars he needs to spend!

And me? I'm still recovering!


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