July 4th Day Trip, Part I

(nablopomo day 4)

We got home after midnight (my excuse for a late Nablopomo!) so there was no way I could post before the day was over.  We and our good friends and neighbors, the shtreimels*, went with their three kids under five to a town two and a half hours away northwest, to have a two-meal picnic and see fireworks.

The kids were great, the company was wonderful, the meals were yummy, and the fireworks were nice, too--over the lake.

Will write more tomorrow (bli neder), because I am too pooped to peep.  Hope you all had a happy family day on the Fourth, and remembered why America was once--and still could be--a great country.

*shtreimel: a type of large, round fur hat attached to black velvet center skullcap which married men of certain Hassidic sects wear.


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