Israelis are Happier!

(nablopomo day 28)

According to a new Gallup Poll, Israelis are happier than. . .their American counterparts!  Forbes Magazine published a Gallup Poll which surveyed the 'happiness quotient' of populations of various countries. The answers had a "life evaluation score" with the highest score being the happiest.

Israel came in at number 8, tied with Canada, Australia and Switzerland.  The United States came in 14th. Note that most of the African countries come in dead last: the lowest third of the scale, indicating the least happiest.  I have reprinted the table in part here, below, through number 26.

Wealth also figures in the results: generally, the richer the country, the happier its inhabitants. However, riches do not explain it all.  The United Arab Emirates, wealthy as they are, came in at number 20, and Saudi Arabia, at 58.

There is a very telling comment in the comments section, on why Israelis are happier than other populations.  I took the liberty of reprinting it (Joegelman, you are so right!):
Actually, I'm surprised that Israel isn't ranked even higher. Anyone who has been there can feel the sense of mission in the air, a pride in their incredible accomplishments against all odds. Having built from what was essentially nothing, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. When a person has a positive purpose, larger than ones-self to wake up to in the morning, that brings happiness and eventually prosperity, as it has for Israel.

To see poll results, click on this link here.  Also see it on Israel National News.  Time for a Na-Na-Nachman video, don't you think?

So, nu? -When are you moving?  

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