Israeli Soldiers Should Dance to THIS

(nablopomo day 15) 

(2 Warnings: 1. un-tzniusdikeh* video: watch at your own risk.
                   2. some might consider this inappropriate for the nine days. watch. or not.)

First saw the video of the Israeli soldiers (on The Muqata) dancing in the middle of a patrol, to the song Tik Tok.  Not bad. Them's got rhythm, as they say (it's hard to dance with an M-16).  
My son told me that he (and apparently, all of Israel) likes this song.  At first, I didn't.  Still don't like the lyrics (I mean, what sort of role model is that, anyway?)--but the tune and beat are catchy.

So I found another one; much, much better lyrics.  Tells it like it is.  Same tune, same beat.  Those soldiers should dance to this (hey Michal, you listening?)

Cool, huh?

*un-tzniusdikeh: immodest


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