Humanitarian Crisis - in New Gaza Mall?

(nablopomo day 21)

Look at this "nice, new mall" which just opened in Gaza.  It looks like any new, modern mall with stores laden with merchandise.  So where is this "humanitarian crisis" in Gaza, where there is "no concrete to build anything because Israel isn't letting anything in?"
(hat tip, my friend M. in Israel)

Baloney. As usual, they are lying through their teeth (it's an Arab mentality thing.  Go to my labels and read everything I've written about "Arabs."), because it suits their purposes.  It's an Arab custom.

Read what Tom Gross has to say about it. Aside from not having any discretionary funds, by the looks of these pics, I would love to shop in a mall like that.  Wouldn't be able to eat in their food court, though; doubt if they'd have any kosher food emporia. . .

See the whole story and all the photos here.

 Happy shopping!


Isha Shiri said…
Hello Lady-Light - Shalom Aleichem!

I came to do a visit and I like everything you post, especially this post. In my blog "One day and two days ... " I also posted how much we send a weekly basis (every week) of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. Even to show how many Palestinians are allowed for medical help in Israel hospitals:

The world needs to learn the truth.

With my love and affection, kisses.
Lady-Light said…
Isha Shiri: Thanks again for your visit. That's what we're doing: telling the world the truth.
We might have to beat it over their heads, though...

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