Home Again

(nablopomo day 14)

Left early this morning for a flight home.  The flight was good, we arrived a little early--made up for taking off fifteen minutes late--and I was exhausted.  Took an hour-and-a-half nap at 3:00 p.m.!

The leave-taking was hard, as it always is for me.  Hugging and kissing the kids--grand and regular--and saying I love them and will miss them is difficult ("goodbyes" are not one of my strong points).  I told my grandkids that we will write letters to each other and send pictures.

My middle daughter always calls me when she walks the dog, so I expect to hear from her soon. My eldest will be too busy working to call, but that's who she is: she is always running.  Maybe she is running from something as well as to something; but running she is, to work, to take her grandma places (shopping, lunch, doctor's appointment, etc.), to take the kids back and forth from camp (and during the winter, school), shopping, photo shoots, etc.

Too tired to do anything more than drop into bed.  Will unpack tomorrow.


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