A Disturbing Assessment of President Obama

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In the following interview, professor Richard L. Rubenstein expounds upon the political views and agenda of President Barack Hussein Obama (hat tip Rafi G.), whom he calls "the most radical American president ever."

In 2009 Dr. Rubenstein wrote Jihad and Genocide, in which he asked the question, should we take the Islamists seriously when they call for the genocide of the Jews?  The answer, after his analysis, is "yes." Prominent Muslim thinkers, he says, mean what they say and say what they mean.  Their view is that "world peace" will come only after a global Islamic conquest.  Islam, he writes in this book, has to compensate for its past military and political humiliations, from the 16th century onward through the 1967 Six-Day War with Israel.  They are looking to take over the world (in many countries insidiously, through proliferation of their Islamic culture) and recreate an Islamic empire, such as there was in the height of their power after the Muslim conquests of  the seventh century.

In his article Why I Have Written Jihad and Genocide, published in the New English Review, he compares Islamic extremism--with its jihad and goal of destroying Israel (consequently the Jewish people)--with National Socialism--the Nazis--who set about methodically to destroy the Jewish people.  There was not yet, at the time, a state of Israel.  It was born, like the legendary Phoenix, out of the ashes of the Sho'ah.

Initially, the professor believed that the Arab/Israeli conflict was merely a dispute over territory, which could eventually be resolved.  The Muslim attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 bagan to shock him into a different reality.  He realized then that the Muslim Leaders are bent on dominating the world.  Then-president George W. Bush, ten days after those attacks, declared in a joint session of Congress:

I also want to speak tonight directly to Muslims throughout the world. We respect your faith… Its teachings are good and peaceful. And those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah. The terrorists are traitors to their own faith, trying in effect to hijack Islam itself.
Dr. Rubenstein decries that statement now, although at the time, he still hadn't completely realized the endemic hatred of the Muslims for the West, and the Jews. President Obama, in his speech in Cairo on June 4th, 2009--like Bush--reached out to the Muslims by making statements to the effect that Muslim violence was only perpetrated by a small minority who had "hijacked" the religion of Islam.

Neither president saw the truth, which is that the idea of domination of other, non-Muslim religions and cultures is part and parcel of Islam (emphasis mine):
In reality, Islamist enmity toward the infidel West, such as was manifest on 9/11, is not a consequence of a small, unrepresentative group “hijacking” a religion whose “teachings are good and peaceful.” On the contrary, the kind of Islamist hostility that drove Islamist terrorists to act on 9/11 and all too many other occasions is deeply rooted in centuries of Islamic tradition. As Professor Mary Habeck has observed concerning Qutb, al-Banna, and Mawdudi, the spiritual mentors of contemporary radical Islam:
None of these theorists could have had any impact in the Islamic world if their arguments had not found some sort of resonance in the religion of Islam.[6]
Professor Rubenstein concludes that what you see and hear the Muslim Arab religious leaders doing and saying, even those considered by world leaders (including Mr. Obama) as 'moderates', should be taken at face value: they say they want to destroy Israel and the 'decadent' West and institute a global Islamic polity.  So that's what they are going to attempt to do. And it is our responsibility to stop them.
Thus, his conclusion:

Having spent most of my career writing and teaching about the Holocaust, I now find myself once again confronted by sworn enemies of the United States and Israel who have promised to exterminate my people. With knowledge gained over many decades, I feel I have no option but to take these people at their word.
That is why I have written this book.

Meanwhile, Mr. Obama is doing outreach to the Muslim world.  While snubbing Israel.

Forewarned is forearmed...


Batya said…
No surprise. Remember that he had no real track record before being nominated and can't make a speech without a pacifier/teleprompter.
Vox Populi said…
Hi, I made a blog post response.

Ted said…
Oy. I confess I don't know how to react. Are Israelis just now realizing what Obama is? But then the American people had to find out the hard way, so why shouldn't the Jews, I suppose?

And what's worse is that a whole lot of Americans still think Obama is a decent person and that his "programs" have some intrinsic value.

Just last night I told a columnist with whom I correspond irregularly that were it not for the few remaining checks the constitution still provides, I believe Obama would make Hitler seem like a piker. He's just that dangerous.

On the bright side, it's highly unlikely he'll be able to acquire the power he craves.

Now lest this post be too heavy, I'd like to leave with a joke...

A twelve-year-old boy walked in on his parents having sex. The father merely laughed in an effort to avoid an earth-shattering situation, and the boy dashed out of the room.

A short while later, Dad was walking past the kid's room when he heard noises. Opening the door, he saw the boy having sex with his grandmother. Shocked, the father yelled, "What the hell's going on here?"

The boy replied, "Oh, I see it's not so funny when it's YOUR mother!"

Please accept my apology for any or all of the above.
Lady-Light said…
Ted: GOOD. GRIEF. You're not Jewish: who gave you permission to say "OY?!
Ted West said…
With all due respect, I think I've earned the right. Israel has no bigger American supporter. Though sometimes I wonder why. See, I believe in two eyes for an eye.

I've suggested that Israel deal with the Palestinians the way we did with the Indians - get them down to a manageable size, say 50, and then give them an abandoned gas station, the land it sits on, and a gaming license - problem solved.

Now if I may be serious, I support absolutely anything Israel needs to do to guarantee its security - no questions asked.

Of course, I also believe we (America) should announce that in the future, no war we enter into will last longer than one day...
Lady-Light said…
T.W.: Okay, okay--so say "Oy," if it makes you happy.
Wow. And they thought Rabbi Meir Kahane (a"h) was radical...

Problem is, if we gave the so-called Palestinians an abandoned gas station, they'd still find a way to make a bomb out of it and blow something and somebody, up.

Now, after this statement: "...if I may be serious, I support absolutely anything Israel needs to do to guarantee its security - no questions asked." -- you can say oy, vey, gevalt,, shlemazel, or anything you want. It's on the house.

One day sounds good to me. Not as disproportionate a response like, say,--six days in June, 1967--wouldn't you say?
Ted West said…
The Six Day War, arguably Israel's finest hour among many. Were you around at the time? I was, and I was filled with admiration.

Then there was the raid on Entebbe, and the movie of the same name is still awe inspiring.

The bombing of the Iraq nuclear plant...

Which is why it pains me to see how Israel has conducted itself in recent conflicts. The people who hate you will never change, so I wish Netanyahu would fill himself with the spirit of his brother and stop the insanity. But I realize how difficult that is when he's dealing with a truly insane leader in Washington.
Lady-Light said…
Ted, I’ve been around since…the war of the Huns.

Yes. Admiration. Pride. Intense love, of Israel’s morals, ethics and bravery in establishing the state, in the Six Day War, in rescuing the hostages in Entebbe, in the bombing of Osirak in ’81. In standing up for it's right to BE, as a Jewish State returning to its roots in the Torah.

I agree with every word you’ve said—every word (are you sure we’re not twins separated at birth?)
Ted West said…
Oh I'm sure. But I can't think of a finer honor. You appear to be many times the person I am. I'm ruthless and heartless. I believe in preemption and I'm neither patient nor tolerant. Right must prevail, and I have no interest in entertaining what liberals and Muslims think is right.
Lady-Light said…
Ted: We shouldn't sink to their level. But a small dose of "ruthless and heartless" might make the enemy see the light.

They do not understand (or value) fairness, kindness, and civilized behavior. All they know is barbarism.
Sad, but true.

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