U.N. Sliding into Giant Sinkhole

(nablopomo day 14)

The United Nations is sliding into a giant sinkhole,  much like the one in Guatemala recently.

Only the U.N. Watch spoke up against Syria's hateful speech repeating the horrible lies of the traditional antisemitic blood libels.  Watch this, and then the speech which was banned by the U. N. Council and ordered "taken out of the records."

This is the so-called 'humanitarian' body which 'unites' all the world for peace? The United Nations has actually become an organization of Israel-bashers and promoters of--by ignoring them--"torture, persecution, and violence against women":  In other words, the United Nations is a sick joke, and basically useless.

Pay attention to the U. N. response to this speech.


Batya said…
It was always overrated.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Now, more so than ever.

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