Those So-Called "Humanitarians." And Daniel in the Lion's Den...

(nablopomo day 2)

Thanks to Arlene Kushner for this alert to PMW's release of the Al Jazeera video report.

So who are these "humanitarian" activists? Supporters of terrorists and terrorism, with a planned agenda not to bring aid to the Gazans--who are already receiving aid from Egypt and Israel-- but rather to provoke and murder the Jews.  But we knew that already, didn't we?

(Read more about the Khaibar Jews, their murders, and the significance of this in history, on Infidel Blogger.)

And here are their stupidly naive (but potentially very, very dangerous) Los Angeles supporters.  And one lone young Jewish high school student.  Very, very symbolic...


This highlights the baseness of the Muslim culture, no knowledge, no logic, simple and baseless hatred and bloodshed.

The Jewish people should take a lesson from this, to stop hating one another, because only with true unity and webcams to cover our actions so the world will see the truth despite the UN trying to hide it will bring Mashiach and peace.
Lady-Light said…
D.L.: What you say is interesting, because this incident seemed to draw much vociferous support and unity demonstrations from Israelis, especially students from Bar-Ilan and Hebrew U., for the Shayetet Shlosh-Esrei commandos and the IDF in general.

Maybe, just maybe, Israelis (and Jews all over the world) will now begin to see the ignorance and grand hypocrisy and lies of the Muslims and leftists in their attitude towards Israel and the Jews world-wide.

As for the world seeing the "truth" because we've filmed it with our 'webcams,' as you say, that probably won't happen; they will find some excuse to say it's all a lie, because the bottom line is, the world has a pathological hatred for the Jews and Israel.

I fear--and it's a real fear, because it means the worst will happen--that it will only take Hashem to show these people "The Light."

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