"The Three Terrors" - Another LatmaTV* Masterpiece

(nablopomo day 18)

If anything, this LatmaTV video (hat tip,Batya) is better and more cutting than their previous one about the Turkish-terrorist-flotilla called "We Con the World."  YouTube removed that one upon the pretext that it was a case of copyright infringement.  This is untrue.  Read the true background about this on Caroline Glick's blog,  and see why YouTube (owned by Google, by the way) committed its cowardly act.  Perhaps we should hit Google where it hurts: in the pocketbook, if this keeps up.  I wonder how many pro-Israel, anti-terrorist videos YouTube would remove then?

It is so odd that Jews, great at public relations and marketing in the private sector, haven't been able to 'market' the truth about itself being right and good, and Islam's being wrong and evil.  With these videos, maybe, just maybe--the world will begin to 'see the light.'

Underneath the latest parody, I am re-embedding "We Con the World," in case you couldn't find the one which YouTube missed removing.

Shabbat Shalom.

*למה שתתעצבן לבד?


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