Shavua Tov

(nablopomo day 12)  Gotta post because I signed up for this.  Really.  So I'm posting.

Had a pleasant, restful Shabbat.  Went to good friends for the seudah sheniyah.  The food and company were lovely. I held the baby and spoke to him in Ivrit.  We had a lovely conversation (he's two months old).  We talked about Jewish history.  We talked about the reasons for G-d's tzimtzum in this world. We talked about...Boy Scouts.  We sang z'mirot.  I sang z'mirot with their toddler on my lap, she, bouncing away.  It was great.

Then, whilst clearing the table for dessert, my friend, Reb Y., accidentally tipped over the cholent in its heavy glass bowl off the refrigerator shelf, it fell into the fridge door and knocked the bottom shelf out with all the jars and bottles and yogurts which were on it onto the floor.  Meanwhile, the cholent, potatoes, vegetables, meat, etc. exploded onto the bottom of the fridge, under the fridge and all over the kitchen floor.

He spent the next half hour frantically cleaning it up (with my D. H.'s help, and also his young son's) while his wife, Rebbetzin S. was upstairs, clueless as to what happened.

All in all, it was a lovely and memorable Shabbat.  Shavua tov.



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