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Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Father's Day Outing (Part II)

 (nablopomo day 21)

I posted yesterday on our indecision in where to go for an outing to honor my D. H. as a father, on Father's Day, the great American Hallmark holiday.  It was a tug of war between driving to the mountains for an al ha-eish--I mean, BBQ--or taking a hike.

So my D. H. basically told me to 'take a hike.' Just kidding.  He actually came up with a plan (called "plan B"), which would be a compromise, and the two of us would get a little of what each wanted (The compromise, by the way, was my idea...).

So we went to one of the nice big parks in our city, which has a lake with a path around it, almost one mile long.  There was a free concert scheduled for the early evening, at the bandstand right on the lake.  We arrived early enough for us to 'take a hike' around the lake, and then whipped out our camping chairs and blanket, sat down and listened to a wonderful blues and jazz concert with singer Hazel Miller.

Then after the two hours of the concert, we drove home (see, got the driving in, too--there, and back!) and my D.H. grilled us two delicious rib steaks.  Can't remember the last time I had rib steaks, it was so long ago.  We ate outside in our patio, under our umbrella and the stars...

All in all, a wonderful day.  Hope you all had a happy Father's Day as well.

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