Memorial Day is Every Day

At around the time of Yom ha-Zikaron, Israel's Memorial Day to its fallen in all its defensive wars, I posted a short video of the Israeli Remembrance Day ceremony.

Now, even though the United States' Memorial Day has just passed, it is never too late to honor those who serve in our Armed Forces, and those who gave their lives for our country. A nation's ethic can be measured by how they honor their dead.  Unlike another so-called "religion" in who's name atrocities such as beheadings, horrific 'honor' killings of women and girls, and suicide (really homicide) bombings are committed, how we--in Israel and the United States--honor our dead and fallen, attests to how we value and respect life.

I hope you can view here this HBO film, Taking Chance, in its entirety (set aside an hour and a half).  It is a testament to our brave military and civilians who serve this great country.

May it remain great, and a staunch ally of Israel.


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