Mankind's Travesty Against Man. . .

(nablopomo day 8)

Human beings are ruining the planet.  If events continue the way they are, human beings will ensure that, in the not-too-distant future,

--between violence against innocents in Rwanda, Darfur, and other areas in Africa and across the world,

--because of the vicious massacre of innocents in Mumbai, which were not universally condemned by the world at large,

--because of aggressor-nations such as Iran, threatening another sovereign nation with annihilation,

--with the world's virulent condemnation of a country which tried to defend itself against a surprise attack, and now,

--with the utter devastation of the natural environment because of a company's greed and not caring,

--the world will come to an end.  Unless we stand up and stop it.  All of it.

There are no words.  There are just no words.


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