A Little Sarcasm is a GOOD Thing

(nablopomo day 4)

Okay, I have to get away from this computer (BAD computer! BAD computer!) and start preparing for Shabbat: not much to do, as D.H. is doing most of the cooking, the house is clean (Baruch Hashem), the beds are made, and we will defrost my home-baked challah soon.  I do have laundry to do, and some weeding in our vegetable garden (will post about that at a later date).  I spoke to my older son (Arnold Mayergi and his lovely wife Hardal, due b'ezrat Hashem this month!!!) and everything is well, thank G-d.

So I would like to end this week with a video worth watching, and a T-shirt worth printing.  I wish all my readers a warm Shabbat Shalom, and for those of you who are not obligated to observe the Sabbath, have a great weekend!

(T-shirt found here.)


love the sarcasm, love the humor. thanks for sharing the t-shirt and clip!
Lady-Light said…
MM: Isn't it great? Something positive has to come out of this mess, don't you think? (-so all we get is...a lousy t-shirt!)

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