Interesting Tidbits: British Stupidity, Czech Support, Jews Fight Back

Osama bin-Laden gets a Boarding Pass

Britain has done it again: first with the now infamous BP oil spill of the century (now, don't tell me you didn't know that those initials stood for British Petroleum?), and now with the new ad campaign highlighting the new British mobile-boarding pass system, which could be renamed the Osama bin-Laden Boarding Pass System.  Seems between oil, and the Arabs, Britain can't do anything right.

U.S. and Czech Republic Stand Up for Israel

In other, totally more important matters, it seems some nations have the gumption to stand up to all the lies and outrage against Israel, and do the unpopular--but right--thing.

First, Joe Biden, Vice President of the United States, had the courage to imply 'what's all the fuss about' with regard to the brouhaha about her retaliation to a planned surprise attack on her commandos.He actually said, on the Charlie Rose Show, (as reported in Bloomberg Business Week),
“Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interest,”
 ...And that Israel had a right to know what was in the cargo of those ships before they put in to Gaza.  Although I disagree with him that Israel has to be "more generous" with the Gazans.  That's not Israel's job, it's Hamas'.  They are the "elected" officials, and they control the area now.  As it is, Israel is sending in huge amounts of humanitarian supplies, which she is really not obligated to do (hat tip Daled Amos).  Read all the details of Israel's ongoing aid to Gaza, here.

And now, in addition to Mr. Biden's supportive comment on Israel's flotilla actions, now the President of the Czech Senate, Dr .Premysl Sobotka, according to an INN article agreed that the attack was designed to provoke and trap Israel.  As a doctor, he said that he regretted the loss of life, but he added that Israel has a legal right to implement a blockade of Gaza and, upon finding "terror activists" instead of "peace activists" on the ship,  Israel was left with no choice but to defend herself with live fire (remember, the commandos were mainly armed with paintball guns when they boarded, not expecting an attack.).  Dr. Sobotka added that
“Many in the European community feel as I do,” he added, “but they are afraid to speak out publicly.”
What does that tell you about the European community, and it's standing up for truth, or standing up against evil?  No one to count on there in a pinch, my friend.

Israelis Defend Themselves Against Rock Attacks (finally)

And I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but I am tired of the cruelty inflicted on the Israelis, and their own civilian legal restrictions as to how to fight back.  Here is a case where a man defended himself from a rock-throwing attack by Arab youth.  This, after a baby in a car seat was almost hit in a rock attack on the car, and after a man opened fire on Arab rock-throwers who wounded his wife
Let's not forget: rocks can hurt.  Rocks can kill.  Israelis shouldn't be expected to just stand there and take these attacks on men, women and children, without being 'allowed' to defend themselves.  Feels a bit too much like. . .Jews going to the slaughter in the Holocaust, doesn't it?

That's why the phrase "Never Again" was coined. Never Again will we allow anyone to try to murder us without standing up for ourselves and fighting back.  Maybe if more people fought back to such attacks, the Arabs would get the message. . .? (Don't hold your breath...)


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