I Prefer Google...

(nablopomo day 4)

These two innovative companies have innovative offices.  Take a look at the design, space and colors of Google and Facebook corporate offices.  They are both out of the ordinary and anti-establishment, but in the end I prefer Google's, for the colors, the map-floor designed to look like the Earth (at least, that's what I think it is), the crazy green room with the electronic easy chair and headphones--but my favorite, is this:

I mean, Google has a slide.  A slide, for gosh sakes!  How bad can a company be, if in addition to stairs and elevators, which I assume they still have--they also have a slide?!  

And a bathtub. Which you can lie in and watch fish swim.  In fish tanks.


Sharon Frank said…
I wanta work for google. There is one in Boulder!
Batya said…
I'm sure they don't let people my age in, except maybe on:
"Bring Grannie to work day."
Lady-Light said…
Sharon and Batya: I absolutely apologize for not answering your comments sooner!
"Stuff" got in the way, and I forgot.
Sharon: Go ahead, might be fun (there'd be no more wiping 12 sniveling noses, at least).
Batya: You and me, both!

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