I Love My Nail Polish

(nablopomo day 23)

Was reminded about a topic close to my heart by Batya.  That topic is...nail polish!

I would be pretty upset if someone dissed me because of my nail polish.  Actually, a funny thing happened at my last job: I was sitting next to a 30-year old, and I think I caught what she had.  I am now a total lover of BLUE nail polish.  Wonder what would happen if the Iranian morality court saw these digits:

Red is for...wimps (and old ladies).  I now love BLUE.  And I think it's contagious. . .


Yonatan said…
Thank you for inviting me to read your blog. I have added it to my rss feeds and will keep in touch as events unfold.

My oldest son begins his 2 year IDF duty at the end of August. He was 21 when we arrived last year so he has 2 years instead of 3.

Great stuff on your blog, I enjoyed reading it!

Take care,

Lady-Light said…
Yonatan: Thank you! With regard to our children, my daughter, being female, didn't have to do 3 years; she chose to, was accepted to Combat Engineering, and is finishing her service as a Combat Commander/Staff Sergeant.
Much hatzlachah to your son, as well.
(and thank you kindly for promoting my blog. I will add yours to my blogroll, as well)
Batya said…
My favorite is apple green. I thought that you would link to it...
My computer is too slow for me to make the link etc.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Forgot. Corrected. Enjoy!
Batya said…
Thanks, m'dear. Can't wait to try your blue.

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