I am a Proud Member of Am haSefer*

(nablopomo day 13)

I love books.  I come from a family of book lovers, avid readers, writers and scholars.  My parents, (zichronam li-vrakhah*) were intellectuals, my mother got her degree in biology, and was talented in the arts, drawing and music.  My father was a Torah and Hebrew teacher and scholar, as well as a Hebrew poet and writer.  He published a book of poetry and many articles in HaDoar, Bitzaron, Ma'ariv and other Hebrew literary magazines and newspapers, as well as translated Shakespeare's Measure for Measure into Hebrew.

Me, I'm just an avid reader and writer of run-on sentences.  And I just discovered something called Library Thing!  I recently embedded its widget right here on my blog (scroll down the sidebar).  I remember the days when I kept long lists of books I was reading, had read, and wanted to read.  I kept having to transfer these lists from personal planner to personal planner (in the days of, yes--personal planners, before computers were so ubiquitous).  In the process, I lost lists, forgot what I had read, forgot what I wanted to read--in short, it was a longhand mess.

And then, voila!--In came the digital age, and the personal computer.  It has changed the world.  I now can write my entire list of books read, reading, and to be read--on one site, in neat little categories.  It is wonderful!  And, unless I upgrade, it's free--a key element in my current position.

Although I have not achieved the scholarship of my father and mother, I am proud to to be a card-carrying member of Am haSefer*, continuing humbly in my people's great tradition of study and exegesis. 

*Am hasefer: the People of the Book
*zichronam li-vrakhah: may their memory be for a blessing

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