Good Company, Good Weather: A Lovely Shabbat

(for nablopomo day 19)

So last night I was exhausted, but in a good way.  We had a lovely Shabbat with guests for lunch, with their little kids and a practically newborn baby (2 months old, but very wise looking)--something I miss in my every day life.

Want to hear the menu? I knew you did!  We had just finished a meal of baked salmon with lemon juice (courtesy of our friends and neighbors), yummy cold gazpacho soup (courtesy of D. H.), lamb stew a la Shalom Park, chicken shnitzel, rice salad, corn salad, green vegie salad, pickled cucumber salad (my D. H.'s favorite recipe), and fresh fruit, strawberries and pineapple, on a bed of. . . pineapple--plus watermelon for dessert.

After lunch we sat outside in front of our town home, stuffed to the gills,  on our lawn chairs.  Three and a half families (only the kids were here from the "half" family) sitting and talking and drinking water (I considered making lemonade, but the thought of overdosing with sugar kind of turned me off), and the kids noshing watermelon pieces, which I brought out, our leftovers from dessert!  (Why is it that I love exclamation points?!) (--And run-on sentences?!)

It was much hotter earlier in the day, but as 5:00 p.m. rolled around we had some cloud cover, which lowered the temperature by 10 degrees, at least, and it was quite comfortable sitting outside.  Some of the older kids (girls are NOT wimpy!) were riding around on their Ripstiks. The little kids had their tricycles, and some of the boys, small and bigger, had their 'rocket launchers' which launch foam 'missiles' into the air.  They think it's fun, and it keeps them busy, active and getting fresh air.

We grown-ups sat watching them, talking, playing with the baby and enjoying the green area which the buildings and town homes surround, with its older-growth trees, burms and man-made "lake" with center fountain close by.  It really is a unique and idyllic setting, where we live.

After I view this video, I'm gonna borrow my friend's 11-year old daughter's Ripstik, and try it out. 

NOT. (Not yet, anyway...)


Sharon Frank said…
please dont ride the ripstick.
Lady-Light said…
Sharon: don't trust me?! (do you know first aid?)

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