Gilad Shalit: Hostage of Terrorists, Not Prisoner of War

 (nablopomo day 25, anniversary of the abduction of Gilad Shalit...)

Anyone who says Hamas are "freedom fighters" is ignorant, or delusional.  Hamas is a terrorist organization, fighting dirty in violation of international laws for one reason, and one reason only: to annihilate Israel.
That is why they went across the border of Gaza, on June 25th, 2006, and attacked an IDF post in Israeli territory. And this was after Israel had evacuated Gaza (which just goes to show you what a BIG mistake that was).  Hamas, in the raid, kidnapped then 19-year old Gilad Shalit.  

As written above, the summer before, in 2005,  Israel had removed approximately 9,000 Israelis from towns which they had built from scratch on what used to be sand dunes, in order to return Gaza to the Arabs- a gesture of good-will if I ever saw one - in a show of peace.

But there was, and still is no partner for peace on the Arab side. Hamas does not want peace.  It wants the elimination of Israel. 

Instead, when Hamas came to power, kassams started raining upon southern Israeli towns, upon civilians--men, women, children in schools--to the point that bomb shelters, painted in bright colors to double as playground equipment--had to be built.  So that the kindergarten children playing their during the school day would have a shelter to run to right there, where they were.  Because they might not be able to get to a bomb shelter within 15 seconds.

Gilad, who has been a hostage in captivity (hat tip, Daled Amos) now for one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days and counting,  is in isolation.  Hamas will not allow the Red Cross--who visit Palestinians in Israeli jails-- to see him.  This is a direct violation of the laws of war.  Gilad is in isolation, and being held for 'ransom.'  His living conditions, and personal health conditions, are unknown.

We need to continue to demonstrate and fight for Gilad's freedom: Free Gilad Shalit!
(seen on A Soldier's Mother)


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