A Frightening Article: The End of Israel (G-d Forbid)?

(nablopomo day 9)

Found this frightening article on the Marston Chronicles.  It corroborates what I have posted in the past about Obama being dangerous for Israel.   I am reprinting a part of it here.  Please click on the link to read the rest.

We do not usually venture into foreign affairs because politics is our specialty. However, it is politics that is dictating the beginning of the end of the nation of Israel. Israel has become personna non grata amongst the leftists of the Western World. Since the leftists now control virtually all of the countries in the Western World, Israel is in a world of hurt. It is slowly but surely being squeezed to death from all sides. Israel no longer has a friend anywhere in the world. Yet at the same time support for the nation of Israel in the United States is at the highest level in two decades. Surely the United States government is reflecting this support in its foreign policy. That would ordinarily be true but not in this case.

The current occupant of the white house was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia during his formative years. One really has to have had one's head in the sand to think that this had no effect on President Obama. All the evidence points to the conclusion that Obama has nothing but disdain for Jews in general and Israel in particular. This is especially true of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel whom Obama has treated like mud clinging to the bottom of his shoe. Obama has gone out of his way to insult Netanyahu as was noted in the British press.

Then there is the no small matter of arms shipments from the United States to Israel. Just before President Bush left office with the approval of Congress, he authorized such a shipment to Israel. These shipments continued after Obama took office because they were already approved. Another shipment to the United States stockpile in Israel and not Israel itself was at first canceled because of "security concerns" at the Israeli port of Ashdod because of the Gaza conflict. It finally arrived in March, 2009 over the the vehement protests of Amnesty International which is these days little more than a shill for the Islamists.

If Israel has received as much as one bullet since then it was done under such secrecy that even Amnesty International could not find out about it since it would have raised the roof if it had. As Amnesty International itself admits:

"The United States was by far the largest supplier of weapons to Israel between 2004 and 2008. The U.S. government is also due to provide $30 billion in military aid to Israel, despite the blatant misuse of weaponry and munitions in Gaza and Lebanon by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). President Obama, according to published reports, has no plans to cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel under a new 10-year contract agreed in 2007 by the Bush administration. This new contract is a 25 percent increase, compared to the last contract agreed by the previous U.S. administration."

Apparently that was then and this is now. It would appear that Obama has listened to Amnesty International and not the American people. He has apparently decided to unilaterally abrogate that ten year contract with Israel, or at the very least has pushed any deliveries of arms to some undetermined future when there will be no Israel to deliver them to. Thus Obama has definitely left Israel high and dry and twisting slowly in the wind. We are not alone in seeing that this is what he has done. The Foreign Policy in Focus think tank opines that "Israel as we know it, will cease to exist in the foreseeable future."


Debbie said…
Scary. I was just thinking today that I can hear War rustling on the breeze, and it's not a comforting sound. Looks like we're headed for another hot summer.
Lady-Light said…
Debbie: I get your drift. I hear the same rustling...with whom, do you think?
Iran seems to be on the horizon, especially if they escort another flotilla for "peace," eh?

I have 3 grown children there...wish I could be there myself, but can't, for now...
(speaking of hot summers, my older son wishes, in Israeli summers, he lived in...Alaska!)
Debbie said…
Hard to say. I can't see Egypt getting dragged into a war, although it's just as difficult to imagine them taking our side. Iran, Syria, and even Turkey - directly or indirectly - that would be my guess. If Iran did escort a flotilla, that would be an outright declaration of war. Do you read Hebrew? The talkbacks on ynet for the article on Iran sending a ship to escort a flotilla were hysterical. I love Israelis.

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