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It's been a really difficult week, but Haveil Havalim must go on!  The Jewish blog carnival, HH  #270 is up and running at Benji's What War Zone.  It was up on Sunday, June 6th (sorry 'bout that. . .).
Be there or be square!


Anonymous said…
If u really want to tikkun the olam u should start with getting out of palestine occupied since 1948 and apologize and make restitution for greatest crime ever, the naqba. I am American. The flotilla holocaust is the final straw. Now the sleeping world is waking up. You zionist are on your final days.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Have you studied history at all? Israel was voted in by the United Nations and declared a state in 1948.

It did not occupy a state called 'Palestine,' because Palestine was not a sovereign nation. It was the Roman name for the land conquered from the Jews--which was a sovereign nation in that land, at that time.

And since that time, there has been occupier after occupier (think Romans, Ottoman Empire, British Mandate) but there has NEVER been another sovereign nation other than...the JEWISH one.

How was the defensive measures taken by the Israelis to protect their own lives a "massacre?"

Arabs murdering 67 unarmed civilians and mutilating their bodies, snipers targeting Jewish babies, blowing up buses filled with people--that's a massacre. Jews don't do that.

The reason it's called "the naqba" by Arabs, is because they don't want to see a Jew in their midst, and it doesn't matter to them whether or not the land historically belonged to the Jews, because facts don't matter to Arabs. Just fantasy and myths.

Sorry to disagree with you, the apology needs to come from the Arabs, for attacking the Jewish State from its inception.

The Arabs' irrational hatred of Jews (funny, Jews don't hate Arabs, and don't teach their children to hate Arabs) comes from a very BIG insecurity, about their culture and religion. Their hatred is really pathological in nature: because deep down inside, you despise yourselves.

I don't think it's our days that are numbered...

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