"Evil" Israel Strikes Again?...I Think NOT.

(nablopomo day 1)

(from a comment I wrote on a Slates story on the Israel flotilla raid, here.  Better to read this Slates story by Shmuel Rosner, here.)

(photo from Wall Street Journal Online)

Good Lord.  This is the most ridiculous piece (as are the stories it references) I ever read on the Turkish sponsored "activist" flotilla incident with Israel

Israel is 'trying to isolate itself?'  Because of Middle East so-called 'peace talks' with the so-called 'Palestinians' the 'timing' was off (again!)?  This is now a 'bloody massacre'? If this is a "bloody massacre", where the heck was the UN when North Korea torpedoed the 46 South Korean sailors aboard the Cheonan? What was THAT? A Sunday picnic?

So let's get some facts straight, shall we?

(1) Israel is a sovereign state--voted in by the UN I might remind you--which has a right to defend itself, period.

(2) Hamas, who controls Gaza, is a terrorist organization (recognized as such by the USA) whose express aim is to annihilate Israel.

 (3) Israel has a PERFECTLY LEGAL naval blockade against Gaza to prevent weaponry, military equipment and material which can be also used for military purposes to enter Hamas-controlled Gaza, which would be used against Israel.

(4) Humanitarian aid, such as food and medical supplies are ALREADY being provided to Gazans by Egypt and Israel.

(5) The so-called "activist flotilla" were not 'peace-loving humanitarians' but rather was organized by a Turkish group called Insani Yardim Vakfi known as the IHH (the "Islamic Humanitarian Help Foundation") which have been found to be linked to Global Jihadist terrorist movements such as Al-Qaeda.

(6) Israel warned them first to turn back, or dock at the Israeli ports of Ashdod so that their cargo could be inspected to make sure there weren't military in nature, and then sent through to Gaza if truly humanitarian.  Israel then warned the flotilla that its commandoes would be boarding their vessels if they didn't comply.

(7) The Israeli commandoes were ATTACKED by the passengers or crew, or both, on the ship Mavi Marmara (the rest of the ships did not attack, and the boardings went without incident) with metal poles, knives and guns.  Israeli commandoes were wounded.

(8) Israel returned the fire to defend itself.

This is what happened, plain and simple.

Except for one little difference: when any other country defends itself, it is within its rights.  But according to the world, the only 'good' Jew-er-Israeli--is either a frightened victim with no recourse to defend himself, being stuffed into cattle cars or forced to march in the dead of winter to the gas chambers miles away--or a dead one. 

There seems to be no place in this world. . . for a strong Jew with an army, is there? ---        And don't get this wrong: this brouhaha and tirade against Israel is nothing more than anti-Semitism, or better put: Jew hatred, pure and simple, albeit cleverly disguised as. . .Righteous Indignation against the Violent Imperialist State of Israel, or some other such idiocy.   

It seems that, so far, in this world of ours, Evil is Good, and Good is Evil.

But only for the time being.  This will change.  As the Bible says, ‘he who blesses Israel will be blessed.  And he who curses Israel, will be cursed.’ 

So choose your sides carefully, my friends.  Because Israel is here to stay.  And the Jew is strong and proud.

(Addendum: this is what the IDF really encountered when they dropped down onto the Turkish flagged ferry, the Mavi Marmara.  The attack on the Israeli soldiers had been planned.)


Batya said…
Darling, please don't use sarasm in writing, especially in the title. It can be misconstrued. Quotation marks don't transfer in google.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: You're probably right, but at the time I was really angry. Can't do anything about it now.
(Still angry, though...)
Anonymous said…
On the other hand it might attract the eyes of someone how actually needs to see this!
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Changed the title a little, so maybe it now can be a bit less misconstrued (but of course the original permalink remains).

Yes, I do hope that those who need to see this, will see it. I always have the feeling that we're all mainly "preaching to the converted," however.
Guess the answer is, to just keep up the hasbarah, and pray...
Why can't she use sarcasm? It's perfectly acceptable to express frustration, if we don't at some point stand up for Israel with one voice, even a sarcastic one, then Israel will fall God Forbid. The problem isn't tones of voice, it's not believing Israel isn't a serious issue and that our land should be protected without shame and embarrassing lies from the world. It's our job as lamp lighters to expose the truth.
Lady-Light said…
D.L.: I think what Batya meant, was that a reader might think I really meant that Israel is "evil." They will see the words 'evil' and 'Israel' together and misconstrue it. So I changed the title somewhat.

Otherwise, I agree with you: we have to 'tell it like it is!'
Debbie said…
Great post. I wish there were more bloggers speaking up. What a frustrating week!
Lady-Light said…
Debbie: There are many bloggers speaking up--and more and more info coming out to show the Israelis were in the right.
Thanks for visiting, and come again!

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