Arresting T-Shirts and Other Oddities

(nablopomo day 3)

Periodically I need to get away from the heavy stuff which surrounds us, and try to lighten up a bit.  Found some incredibly funny-but-sad stuff on the internet (it's a virtual...cesspool out there!)--

Here are just a few to brighten your day:

Next time you get arrested, be careful you don't wear a T-shirt that looks like this one:

Parallel parking was never my thing. How about...just pulling straight in...?

Or how about these interesting Neon Light Failures.  I mean, would you want to do your business there?

Ah, education is a wonderful thing.  And remedial English was way easier than I thought it would be.

Anybody for a blonde joke?

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Mikewind Dale said…
Isn't it obvious? She means collage as in combining different snippets of photographs. She is using the word in the singular to refer to the art of making collages, rather than referring to the collages themselves, the same as one would say "I love art" rather than "artwork".

Lady-Light said…
Mikewind Dale: Ah, of course, sir. Thank you for that...illumination. Collages. Yes.
Now, where were we? Oh, now I remember: do you know any good blonde jokes...?

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