Also in the "HUH?" Department

(nablopomo day 7)

(hat-tip IsraellyCool) Long-time Hearst newspaper columnist and White House press corps member Helen Thomas just retired.  Thank G-d.

Here were her remarks, with a hastily posted lame apology on her website, after referring to Jews, that:
 "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. . .
"they should all go home to Poland and Germany"

Is that so? Learn your history, lady: we're in ISRAEL. We're HOME.


Anonymous said…
I had no idea that she was still alive. And by watching the video I doubt that she is alive.
What a ignorant person she is. May she take a long walk on the Arctic icefield.
Batya said…
At first I was surprised that she had no objection to Jews staying in America until realized that if Jews had to leave America, she'd have to go to Lebanon.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: That "great reporter" reflects the raw hatred of Jews which is as old and persistent as she is: raw, unadulterated antisemitism. Centuries old. And sometimes, just sometimes, older is NOT wiser.

Batya: You see, America, Poland and Germany (she forgot to mention Russia, England, France and Spain, to name a few more) are the 'homes' of the Jews.
Forget the fact that when you dig down in so-called "Palestine," you find Jewish artifacts and evidence of a rich, vibrant Jewish life.

When you dig down into Helen Thomas, you find a virulent antisemite.

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