"Jew Producer?" (Guess They're Only Afraid of...Muslims)

Remember Comedy Central? The ones who censored South Park comic images of Muhammad last April(and in 2001 and 2006--bet you didn't remember about those) because they didn't want to offend the Muslims (who have this nasty little habit of going out and murdering people for insulting their religion)?

Well, apparently--because of course the Jews won't do anything about it, right?--they think it's okay to put up a strange game on their website, called I.S.R.A.E.L. Attack! (hat tip: Daled Amos, and Honest Reporting). 

At first I was confused about this.  I could not believe that such blatant anti-Semitism could go past everyone and be put online, so I thought it might be something other than it is.  But I was wrong.

The game refers to a character (the "Jew producer") who lied and didn't destroy some child-cartoon characters.  It then shows "I.S.R.A.E.L." (which stands for Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady) coming to rectify his mistake, click-clacking along on her high heels (which I will also take as an insult to women) down the street, blasting little children and animals out of existence.

What sticks in ones' mind? The bad "Jew producer," and ISRAEL KILLING CHILDREN.  How sick can one get?

If you think, as I do, that this is absolutely offensive, fill out Comedy Central's programming feedback form, and send in your protest!

This is outrageous, it's incitement to violence and to hate Jews, and it must be stopped.


Anonymous said…
This is the message I just sent to Wrigley's, which makes Skittles ...

I went to the Comedy Central web site to see if the blatantly anti-Semitic "game" they had posted was still there.

It was - and the advertising on the page was for Skittles ...

Whether by accident, or not, Wrigley's sponsorship is as offensive as the game is. If a boycott of ALL Wrigley's products is suggested, I would support such a move until your company takes action - indeed removes all advertising from the Comedy Central web site if you can't control where your advertising appears.
Lady-Light said…
Anon: Outstanding, forceful message--kol hakavod!

I second your motion: everyone out there: hit them in their POCKETBOOK, where it hurts the most: urge Wrigley's (and any other advertiser you see on Comedy Central) to remove its ads, or risk a boycott.

I think if the advertisers suddenly pull their ads, Comedy Central would seriously reconsider posting that disgusting anti-Israel game.
Batya said…
If we don't fight, things will only get worse. We shouldn't be "mr. nicey guy."
thanks for posting this lady light. i literally had no idea. but then again i was way behind on south park as well!
Simon G said…
Wow, thats bad! Your right its offensive, you can bet ill be leaving negative feedback as well.

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