Israel Technology Creates "X-Ray Vision"

In the stuff which used to be of science fiction, Israel technology has once more developed a product which is now in the realm of science fact.  After having developed a device to "see through walls" from around 2004, the Israeli company Camero, with corporate headquarters in Virginia and R&D near Netanya, Israel has developed a mobile version, called the Xaver 400.

Approximately the size of a laptop computer, it uses the same UWB (ultra wide band) radio frequencies as its bigger Xaver 800 parent, which can pass through solid objects such as wood or concrete and bounce back, much like ultra-sound imaging of fetuses in their mothers' wombs.  These bounced-back waves are changed into electrical signals which are then interpreted by computer and created into 3-D images visible to someone on the other side of the wall.

This technology will greatly aid in saving lives, with its use in law enforcement, the military and search and rescue operations, again demonstrating that Israeli ingenuity is at the forefront of bettering the world: in Tikkun Olam.

Who knew Superman was. . . Jewish--oh, wait a minute--he is!

(hat tip: The Kosher Kook)

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Isha Shiri said…

Very cool application to "X-Ray Vision." I liked the subjects you tackle on your Blog.

Congratulations, you make a difference.

I wish you Peace
Batya said…
So much of today's technology was science fiction just a few years ago.
Lady-Light said…
Isha Shiri: Well, it is seeing through walls, right? Thank you for your kind words. I "tackle" what is close to my heart. From the look of your blog, you, too--are making a difference! Thank you for visiting.
Batya: It's amazing, isn't it? No one could have envisioned this as reality in, say, the 50s, when I was growing up (oops--almost gave it away). Just kidding there...
Isha Shiri said…
Hello Lady,

You very kinder in visiting my Blog.

About the X-ray and other technologies, Who keeping saying that was unthinkable a few years ago is my dad and my mom, without saying Grandpa and Grandma! :)

Baby K'tan site is very cool, has plenty in there. Thanks

Marta Clavero said…
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