Judge Richard Goldstone: Black Sheep of the Family

Apparently Judge Richard Goldstone is persona non grata, at least to some of his family members, which prompted his decision not to attend his grandson's bar-mitzvah.

Judge Richard Goldstone, who headed a war crimes probe that has infuriated Israel and Jewish communities around the world, will not be attending his grandson’s bar mitzva in Johannesburg next month, according to a South African newspaper.

Goldstone will not be present when his grandson performs the religious rite, following an agreement between the family, the South African Zionist Organization (SAZF) and the Beith Hamedrash Hagadol synagogue in Sandton, where the event will take place, the South African Jewish Report said.
 I mean, would you want him in your family?


Anonymous said…
We are our own worst enemy, it once again seems. (Not, of course, counting Barack HUSSEIN O' Bama, the Moslem convert to CHRISTianity.)
Lady-Light said…
Anon: I don't remember the exact quote, but it says somewhere in the Torah that 'your enemy will come from within you'.

We have enemies within and without. All we have to rely on, is Ribono shel Olam.
Anonymous said…
This episode saddened me greatly. Every Jew should have a home in a shul, be it a secular Jew, a Shabbos desecrating Jew, a gay Jew, or an anti-Zionist Jew. That there were Jews who tried to prevent this Jew from attending his own grandson's bar-mitzvah is shameful. I think in the end he decided to go, Barush Hashem.
Lady-Light said…
Yid: You are really a special person, do you realize that? You don't have a negative word about anyone, rather you see the good in everyone.

May Hashem redeem his people, in your merit, and those with similar midot...

Yes, it turns out he apparently did attend his grandson's bar-mitzvah, but I didn't have the energy to write about it!

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