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Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Defying All Odds"

Although slightly after-the-fact of Israel's celebration of it's 62nd Independence Day, here is a video outlining many positive and wonderful acts which Israel has accomplished, facts the world either does not know, or chooses to ignore (hat tip Arlene from Israel, April 28th, 2010).

Instead, the world doesn't say or do too much about true human rights violations such as subjugation of women in Saudi Arabia, rape, murder and genocide of various tribal or ethnic groups, attacks on free speech and death threats to cartoonists for example, perpetrated by others over the years (think Rwanda, Darfur, Turkish mass murder of Armenians, Theo Van Gogh, South Park, etc.)

For deep pathological reasons (which subject I will return to in a future post), the global community is again placing the blame for all the world's ills on. . . Israel and the Jews.

Here is the truth about. . . Israel and the Jews:

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