The Backlash against Political Correctness is Beginning

I have been reading several articles now about 'calling a spade a spade' and 'telling it like it is.'  It seems people are beginning to snap back from this political correctness of kowtowing to the Muslims and stating that we are 'not at war with Islam' and that 'Islam is the religion of peace.'

I hope this is true.  I hope this movement, if it even is a movement, will counteract the withdrawal of 'offensive' South Park episodes and the withdrawal of 'offensive' cartoons.  What are we waiting for? For the next artistic director, or writer, or cartoonist to be murdered in cold blood in the name of Islam? How stupid can we be?

Here are but two great examples of what everyone should be doing: speaking out, standing up for free speech, and calling evil by its real name. And Islam is one of them.

Mike Adams has a wonderfully sarcastic way of standing up to those who threatened the creators of South Park.  He wrote letters addressed to the "Revolution Muslim."  Here is a sample:

Dear Revolution Muslim:
I am disappointed that the post I left on your blog has been deleted. In that post, I called you on the carpet as being cowards because I simply do not believe you have the courage to engage in real Jihad. If you did, you would not have taken the pains to clarify your recent comments about the creators of South Park. There is no Jihad Lite. You are either willing to die for Islam or you are not. Anyone who is afraid he will get arrested for threatening people who write cartoons for a living cannot be considered a true Jihadist. In fact, I am so certain that you are cowards and frauds that I have little confidence you will leave this post on your blog either. I think you have disgraced Allah and that, in all likelihood, 72 male virgins await you in heaven.
Mike Adams
Read the whole thing here.

And on his website, Stephen W. Browne is not afraid to mince words.  
Yale University Press Director John Donatich said a committee of experts’ “overwhelming and unanimous recommendation” was to withdraw all images of Muhammad.
Of course they gave a reason. And of course it was longish and left out the single word that would have summed it all up – cowardice.
Long-time readers know I try to avoid using vulgarity, satire, and personal insult too often. Not so much from delicate sensibility, but because overuse diminishes effectiveness.
Nor do I usually care to belittle any man’s religion. However absurd I may think another’s opinions on the Great Perhaps may be, if it gets you through this vale of tears with any amount of courage and grace, more power to you.
So here’s my thoughts on the matter: Fuck you Yale University Press. You Ivy League assholes used to produce scholars, leaders, and heroes.
How are the mighty fallen!

Shame on you, Yale University Press, for being cowards in the face of threats against free speech.  I'd rather go to Metro.

(This cartoon isn't even a lie: Muslims have bombed, murdered and mutilated in the name of Muhammad and Islam. Call it like it is, people.)

Oh, gosh--and I almost forgot to remind you about  May 20th, which everyone knows is Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.


Batya said…
Wouldn't you say that all those people who voted for Obama because of his color are racist?
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Um, I'd like to answer you, but I couldn't find any reference to your comment in my post. Am I missing something?

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