Pesach Cleaning? No! You Should be Reading Haveil Havalim #261!

The latest Haveil Havalim, the ubiquitous weekly Jewish Blog Carnival, pre-Pesach edition (I made that up) #261 (nope, didn't make that up: it's the correct number) is up at Jack's. Would have posted about it yesterday, but I was sick-sick-sick. Am better now, thank G-d. Better be: kids coming in three days, yikes!!!

Back to!


Batya said…
your kids? wow, enjoy!
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Yes, I thought I wrote about it some time ago, but I guess you didn't read that post...

Not all the kids, but older son & wife from Givatayim (whom I haven't seen since their wedding two years ago), and the kids and grandkids from that other state, in galut(!)

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