Thank G-d for Family in a Crisis*

You know, with all our troubles, unemployment, illness, etc.--I still feel blessed, because I have family. Connecting with my children today by computer voip call and cellphone, helped me feel as if I have people I love rallying around me.

I have to admit, that I'm not a nice person when I'm sick. In fact, I become an honorary member of the criminally insane - contrast that with my D.H., who when sick is mamash a stoic (-may Hashem keep him healthy, amen ken yehi ratzon). He doesn't complain, he just tries to ride it out, quietly, and rest as much as possible. Me? I fly into a rage (if not a mini-depression); actually, I think illness brings out the histrionic in me. I become a melodramatic stage actress, in a really bad off-off Broadway play. Just ask my D. H., and he'll (secretly...or maybe not...) agree.

At any rate, talking to my Rambo, who is on vacation while her sister (who just came back last summer from four years in Israel, so they were pretty close) is visiting, to Toodles (the visiting sister), to Nathaniel Blumenstein and his older brother, Mister Arnold Mayergi (and his lovely wife Hardal), made me feel more secure.

And high praises go to my D. H., who, in addition to shuffling off three-quarters asleep in his PJs in the wee hours of the morning to research this awful disease which is Shingles on my computer at my bidding (I was too tired and in pain to do it), which ultimately helped us decide to go to Urgent Care, also ministered to me hand over foot, getting me tea, making me breakfast (hot oatmeal; cures what ails you), ordering me to rest--just caring. Thank you, D.H.

And thank you, Ribono shel Olam, for blessing me with my family.

*(what the heck am I posting for?? Nablopomo's over!!!)


Batya said…
Refuah Shleimah!!!!
I thought it was shingles from your description but hoped not.

Good health aournd the corner, G-d willing, and if you're saying T'hillim, do it for a special young man I know who needs prayers.
Eitan Chanan Lior ben Tviya Hadassa


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