Yeshiva Melaveh Malkah with Hives*

Have been feeling lousy all week; throbbing pain in right upper back, thought it was shoulder blade, but maybe wasn't there. Erev Shabbat developed (in addition to this throbbing since Tuesday) a sharp pain in the region of my ear, every few seconds or so; and today, Shabbat, broke out in large blotches of a rash. Don't know if all of these are related.

Took a Benedryl equivalent, and am going to the Yeshiva Melaveh Malkah. Now, that's an intelligent thing to do.

*(nablopomo day#30)


Batya said…
Refuah shleimah darling. Only one more day to go and you can take a blogging sabbatical.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: Read my next post. You're not gonna believe it...

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