What to Write About (Sometimes I Forget)-Nablopomo Day #3

I forgot to write last night that I was supposed to go to a Ladies' Melaveh Malkah, where they were going to present a dance and production by the Bais Yaakov girls, and have all sorts of events and 'hobby classes,' such as cake decorating, jewelry making, challah braiding, tie-dye challah-cover making--I can't remember them all, there were so many (and the flyer is downstairs on my kitchen bulletin board, and I'm up here in my "office" -- Toodles' room -- on my computer), but my right knee had been bothering me, it was freezing cold outside and very icy (lots of people were slipping and some falling; very dangerous), and I was pooped--so I didn't go.

So now I'm glad I didn't write about it last night, because it gave me a topic to right about today Ok, so it isn't on the BEST theme. Actually, it could be on the BEST theme: the ladies at the melaveh malkah were presenting their BEST creations and talents, as were the girls in their BEST performance, and I myself was not in the BEST of shape so I couldn't go. (that's stretching it a bit, I think...)


Batya said…
Nobody remember everything.
Lady-Light said…
Batya: ...and some don't remember much of anything, like me...lol

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