The Taliban: Black Sheep of the Family?*

Are the Taliban of Jewish descent? According to research now being funded by Israel, the Afridi Pathans in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan may be descendant from the Israelite tribe of Ephraim:
According to experts, Israel’s decision to facilitate the research could also be because of the theory supported by many that Afghanistan’s Pashtun fighters, the community from which the Taliban draw their strength, are descendants of Afridi Pathans.

Just what we need. Welcome the evil in-laws (they say your worst enemy comes from within you, but this is. . .mugzam kvar**).

(please pardon the bad language; generally it's not my style, but this was priceless.)

*(Nablopomo Day #15)

**mugzam kvar: lit., "exaggerated already;" in the vernacular: over the top already!

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