A Shul Shabbaton

I've posted early this morning (well, 8:00 a.m. to me is early, these days) because D.H. and I are leaving to go on a two-and-a-half hour drive (yay! the open road!) to the woods near the next metropolis over for a small shul-community Shabbaton in the mountains.

The previous Shabbaton which we attended was two years ago, when our son, Nathaniel Blumenstein and his lovely wife Noodles visited here from Israel, and we had a wonderful time. I keep thinking, that is the only thing missing from this weekend: our children and their families. We are incomplete for the moment, but I'm sure I will enjoy myself there. A change of environment, especially going to "the country" as I called it as a child, will do me good (growing up in NYC, my heart lifted when we left the city and started to see green again: trees, grass--and also sky; guess you'd say I was a 'country girl' at heart.).
(No, our cabin is not going to look like this one. For one thing, there's no river. . .)

First we have to pack our own food, for seudah shelishit in the cabin, snacks, drinks, our maycham mayim* for Shabbat and a portable grill for a BBQ ("al ha-eish") on Sunday, as we are planning on staying for the football game: the men will watch the game, but I will maybe take a walk around the campground, and then read my book, "Start-Up Nation" (not a big football fan). After we're done packing we have to pick up all the containers with food for the Friday night seudah at the Rabbi's house, and one passenger with some luggage.

I have to remember to take my Israeli CDs with me so we can just breeze down the highway, listening to music that only I like (מורידים הילוך, שלמה גרוניך, וכו. ילדי לא אוהבים מה שאני אוהבת ), well, maybe D.H. won't mind some of it. . .

I will attempt to borrow a laptop motzai Shabbat and post for Saturday after Shabbat ends. I'm told there are desktops in the main lodge, so hopefully I won't miss a NaBloPoMo day (heaven forbid!).

Well, I have to sign off because of all the preparations we have to do this morning. I'm ahead of the game--already made the beds! Shabbat Shalom.

*maycham mayim: urn for hot water to have over Shabbat

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Batya said…
I just read your post-Shabbat posts. Sounds great. How are your knees? The lost ladder would have killed mine.

word verification: "patio"
Lady-Light said…
Batya, I'm not sure what you mean by "the lost ladder," but in answer to your question, my knees are...not good; worse, in fact, than they were before we left. I may need a few days to recuperate (hope it's not more than that).
Thank you so much for asking, though. (I told my friend, the owner, next time put us in a slightly bigger cabin, with a normal bedroom. But I'm still glad I did it!)

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