PALIs Want Peace? Not Really. (nablopomo day#7)

The Dept. of Redundancy Dept. (see sidebar) strikes again! It is my view that since The Big Lie is being shouted from the rooftops daily--you can never repeat a TRUTH too often. Here's one; actually, two (which I've posted about before, several times):

1) The Palestinians are not really interested in a state of their own.

2) The Palestinians are not really interested in. . . PEACE!

The reason for the truth in #1 should be obvious just by looking at history, especially recent history, and facing those facts without any political correctness: the Palestinians have had ample time to begin setting up an infrastructure for a state, but instead they have continued to pursue their ultimate goal of destroying Israel through their education, politics and incitement of their people against her.

Arlene Kushner wrote an excellent article explaining this back in April 2009, showing that the Palestinians have concentrated on blaming Israel for their situation and praising martyrdom for Jihad. Elementary school students are still taught that to be a 'hero' is to give up your life in killing Israelis, and there are still TV programs aimed at preschoolers which vilify Israelis and commend growing up to murder them and die in the process (yes, I said preschoolers--read this article on The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) and view the frightening video).

And in 2005 they were handed Gaza on a silver platter and instead of beginning to build a state (which could have been a shining example to the "West Bank" Arabs), they promptly began destroying what the Israelis left them (including desecrating and destroying the synagogues which were left) and strengthening Hamas.

So one would think, ok, maybe they aren't necessarily ready for a state right away, but for certain they want (see #2 above) peace, right? Wrong.

An Israel Today article states that the Israel Foreign Ministry has taken great pains to show that every peace effort on the part of Israel has still been met with complaints and more demands (similar to Barak's offering of concessions to Arafat at Camp David 2000, which were rejected).

Many Israelis have pointed out for years that while Israel has given much in the name of peace over the past decade, the Palestinians have failed to truly fulfill even one of their primary obligations.

When the land-for-peace process picked up speed in 1993, then-Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat admitted that it was nothing more than a new strategy to destroy Israel. Foreign powers ignored Arafat at the time, but the Palestinians' actions have shown he spoke the truth.

The Palestinian Arabs' unwillingness to live in peaceful coexistence with Israel is evidenced in regular polls that show widespread support for terrorist attacks against Israelis, as well as the success of the Hamas terrorist organization in municipal and national elections over the past few years.

If the Palis really wanted peace, they would have jumped at the chance years ago; instead, they are showing by their actions that it is just not their priority. Maybe, just maybe--if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's--a duck? (ya think?)


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