Motzei Shabbat (NaBloPoMo - Day #2)

This is very unusual for me, posting motzei Shabbat (Sat. night, after the Sabbath is over), but I have to, because of that darn Nablopomo. I knew I shouldn't have gotten into this. . .

I do have something to write about, however. And you could say it is even on this month's topic of "Best." Mainly because, Shabbat is the BEST (see, I'm highlighting it so you'll know it's the theme) day of the week, any way you look at it! The focus of the week is Shabbat, if not exactly at the beginning of the week, then mid-week: by Tuesday afternoon we're already thinking about it, what to cook, what's doing, if anything, in the community or at the shul--who's available to invite--when we do invite someone over. . . which I hadn't really planned on doing this Shabbat: we just got through the a very busy week of Chanukah, with end-to-end Shabbat dinners (this year there were 2 Shabbatot Chanukah) with lots of people, the first Shabbat at a friend's and the last night of Chanukah here with 15 people.

So today, I really wanted to lay low. But that didn't work out, exactly: my D.H. invited a young Israeli here on business over for lunch, and together with our "adopted" daughter who is staying with us for a while (until her wedding), it turned out to be an interesting Shabbat.

The Israeli, R. (28 years old, between our older and younger sons' ages) very kindly offered--(no, I did not ask him to)--to bring stuff to our kids in Israel. Who can turn that down?

We Jews are like one big family, with Ashkenazi and Sepharadi 'branches.' It's so lovely when we can sit down with someone we've never met before at a Shabbat table, and sing the same z'mirot with the same niggunim that Jews have sung for decades, maybe centuries.

Later he and my D.H. went to mincha/ma'ariv at the shul we can fall into but never go to (we usually walk a mile to Chabad, passing two shuls on the way), and then they came home, we made havdalah and drove him to his car, after exchanging email addresses and phone numbers.

R. only has, at the most, a week left here, and he is thinking his company might call him back mid-week, so I have to get cracking on getting 'stuff' for our kids so R. can pick them up before he leaves.
So meanwhile, shavua tov, y'all (I lived in Dallas, once).

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