The Jewish People vs Their Enemies: Quelle Différence.

I've been devastated since reading about the murder of Rav Meir Chai, father of seven and a teacher of school children and kindergartners, who was gunned down while driving on Route 57 in the Shomron.* Rav Meir (a"h) was a humble, learned man, and was cherished by his students.

That scum like his murderers should continue to exist at all is a travesty.

Then I read on The Muqata that his orphan son Eliyahu delivered a moving hesped* for his slain father at his funeral, which hundreds attended. The son spoke about continuing the lessons of his father. He especially (can you imagine for yourself how difficult this was for him to do?) emphasized that his father was leaving-
a message of faith, Jewish pride, religious observance, and “no revenge.”
Did you get that? Well then, let me repeat it for you: "A Message of Faith, Jewish Pride, Religious Observance, and 'No Revenge.'"

Now, I strongly believe that we have every right to take revenge on this brutal, barbaric murder of a humble, innocent man, who taught good things to small children (including his own): to value belief in G-d, good deeds, and life.

His murderers on the other hand are taking a sick pride in their deeds (by the "moderate" Abbas, right, world?); in being among those who taught and learned to destroy others and who value death over life, while taking down others with them. What did they accomplish by this murder? Did they improve the lot of their people? Did they do a good deed, to help others? Did they make the world a better place? (they could make the world a better place, by going into a quiet, empty corner and just blowing themselves up).

But no, young Eliyahu Chai did not say that. Instead, he called for No Revenge. And then he said-
We are the youth of the Shomron, of Judea and Samaria, of the entire country... Continue Abba’s path, the path of faith. Go and study in Abba’s memory. If you want to eternalize him, this is what would make him the happiest. How often Abba would tell me, when he would see that it was hard for the youth… how much it hurt him to see our youth without tzitzit, or boys and girls not careful about touching each other… He wanted them to proudly wear tzitzit, to proudly bear the name of the Holy One, Blessed be He! He wanted to see them saying, “I am a Jew! I am a proud Jew! Let people do what they want to me – but I am a proud Jew!” But he never despaired, he loved them very much..."
I am enraged that Jews continue to be murdered with impunity (although these murderers were thankfully found by the IDF and three were shot dead).

On the other hand I am immensely proud--proud to be a member of this tribe; this highly civilized people who received ages ago--for some reason known only to Ribono shel Olam--the Word and Covenant of G-d. We have to adhere to what He expects of us, and be worthy of being chosen.

And in light of that we also should try to live up to what Rav Chai's son Eliyahu said:
“Continue Abba’s path: Abba wanted faith! Abba wanted Torah study! Abba wanted prayers! Abba couldn’t bear to see youth without tefillin… If we want to immortalize Abba, then we have to do things like that – not external things. Not to look for revenge, not to beat up Arabs. This is not our solution. The difference between us and them is, that we are human beings! We won’t go to them and kill them just like that; if they come to us, we will kill them, but we won’t go to them! We are Jews! We are holy! We are HUMAN BEINGS!*
*(Something our enemies are not.)

*Shomron: Samaria
*Hesped: Eulogy


Shtuey said…
Thanks for coming by my place. These are difficult times, for those of us with faith, and especially for those without it.

I too want Jewish blood avenged. At least 3 of the 4 murderers have been dealt with. It is good to be of this tribe. It is good that Rav Chai's son is inspired to speak the truth.

We will have our vengeance. When we as a whole people embrace who we are, at last, B"H, drive our enemies from our lands, and live in strength...this is the vengeance I seek. Am Yisrael living in strength, honoring HaKadosh Borachu, in our land...that is vengeance.
Lady-Light said…
Shtuey (that isn't, as in "shtuyot," is it [droll] ?)
What can I say? I don't think the average non-Jew can fathom how a Jew, who is very aware of his history and heritage--can not be angry at the world sometimes.

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