"The Getaway" (or: Back to the Salt Mines)*

I know, I know--the weekend had to end sometime. We extended it to this morning, but the jig was up: after having breakfast in the cabin, we packed up our stuff, loaded up the car, checked to make sure we had everything, threw out our trash, and for the last time, locked up the little cabin with the loft (called "The Getaway" - each cabin had a name), and left for the main lodge to say our goodbyes to our friend, the owner.

Here are some photos which I just uploaded to show you our cute little "Getaway" cabin (I must say that after living in that cabin for over three days and then returning to our townhome, it seemed mamash like a palace: huge, beautiful, and the downstairs bathroom even has a sink in it!)

On the left, the famous loft and ladder leading up to it. Looks easier than it is (rule #1: as in the army, you first have to be able to haul your own weight...)

On right, is the "living room" which consisted of the futon, two folding chairs, and a table built into the wall.

Yes, the bathroom had no bath. Also no sink.

The kitchen was very cute. The hot water urn is ours, which we brought for Shabbat.

The other bed in the loft, which I shot from my bed while I was lying in it (you couldn't stand up there).

Last but not least, the beam that was two inches away from my brain.
I miss that place. . .

(*nablopomo day#25)


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