Extending the Weekend (Don't Want to Leave!)*

It is so beautiful here, I don't want to leave. Found out there was an option to stay one more night, and I took the opportunity: told D.H. I want to stay. He was at first non-commital, but hey--he's not working, so it's not as if he has to be back early for work on Monday, so I convinced him.
We had anyway been planning to stay until later today, watching the game (D.H. is; I went hiking and am now blogging!) and barbequeing ( how do you spell that word?!), so we would have had to start the drive back in the dark, which I would prefer not to do if I could avoid it.

Besides, I've gotten used to the vertical ladder climb-up to the loft, and it's very cozy up there; it's the kind of bedroom I would have wanted as a child; so I really wanted to stay another night.

Getting ready to set up the food, so will finish up this update-post now.

*(Nablopomo day#24)


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