Did I Say "Hives?" I Wish. . . ! *

So the P.A. at Urgent Care asked me, "did you diagnose yourself?" Actually, I did. And I was right (-wish I had been wrong). Couldn't sleep last night because of the searing pain, and woke D.H. up around 3:45 a.m. to research "shingles" on the web. He had no idea what I was talking about, but I did, having read about it quite a while back (and knowing that my uncle had it, and he said it was...awful...). But I had a hunch about my symptoms, and (I'm really thrilled about this part) I was right:

I have Shingles. Herpes Zoster. Dormant Varicella virus. Which just hybernated happily in my innocent, unsuspecting body from the time I had chicken pox as a wee child, waiting for the right moment to rear its ugly head--you know the moment--the one where you

1) have no income, and

2) have no medical insurance, and are

3) stressed to the gills

--yes, that moment.

All my initial symptoms, which at the time seemed totally unrelated and even nebulous, at that--

('what do you mean, a throbbing pain in your shoulder blade, but it's not in your shoulder blade?! You just strained a muscle, is all;' 'sharp pain near your right ear? Maybe ya got an ear infection?' 'Rash broken out? Must be allergic to all those Tu bi-Shevat fruit you haven't eaten all year!')

--were real, and related to each other. They were the initial symptoms of shingles. One look at me at the clinic (for about 1 second) by the intake nurse confirmed it (am I good, or what?!)

So we went to Urgent Care today, because I was still within the 48-72 hour window of eligibility for the anti-viral drug, when the blisters appear. In addition to warding off the pain (I'm sticking to aspirin for now which takes the edge off, but have an Rx for Percoset if it gets really bad), I've got my ammunition for now. Took my first dose an hour and forty minutes ago. Thirty-four more doses to go. . .
Now, I will make some popcorn and go downstairs to watch Ushpizin; might be just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and why the pic of flowers, you ask (thought you'd never)? What, did you want me to post a photo of a body with shingles?

*(NaBloPoMo, day#31: Day the Last! I done dood it!!)


SuperRaizy said…
Oh, I'm so sorry! Shingles are horrible. I hope you recover quickly.
Lady-Light said…
Batya, Yes, horrible--thank you for your kind wishes; it's a big pain, in the...(-various and sundry parts)!
Never, ever expected to get this, of all things.
Mrs. S. said…
Refuah shlaimah!
Lady-Light said…
SuperRaizy: Please forgive me--I am so 'out of it,' I think I wrote 'Batya' instead of you! Thank you so much for your kind wishes. All I want to do is just 'vege out' and not think.
Mrs. S.: Todah rabah! (going back to bed now...)

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